Airport Ground Support Equipments 4×2
Airport Ground Support Equipments 4×2
Crane, Cargo 4×2
Stake Cargo 4×2
Fire Fighter 4×4
Lubrication truck 4×4
Earth Auger 4×2
Asphalt Distributor 4×2
Van, Refrigerator 4×2
Aerial Platform 4×2
Power Tailgate 4×2
Bulk Carrier 4×2
Cargo Truck 4×2
Detachable Body Truck 4×2
Mobile Workshop 4×4
Mobile Workshop 4×2
Road Sweeper 4×2
Power Tailgate 4×2
Tanker 4×2
Refuse Truck 4×2
High Pressure Sewer Cleaner 4×4
Van, Refrigerator 4×2
Vacuum Truck 4×2
Dump 4×2
Vehicle Transporter 4×2

The complete choice

Isuzu’s legendary chassis comes equipped with a constant width and wide tread on the rear axle and long span leaf springs most suited to truck body installation. A complete cab makes body installation to individual tastes even simpler. A variety of high-quality truck bodies can be sourced from Japan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and India with an option of knocked down body kits to be conveniently assembled at your local dealer.